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Downtown Façade Program


The City of Logan is pleased to offer a grant program intended to stimulate investment in downtown building façades. The program is designed to assist rehabilitation projects of varying scope. These may range from smaller painting, lighting, or awning replacement projects to the more extensive storefront modifications or complete façade overhauls. Property renovations may include efforts to enhance parking areas.

Interested property owners may apply for a matching grant of up to *25%, not to exceed $35,000. The property must be located within the program boundaries located in Downtown Logan ( see map ). The availability of matching funds varies by location within the program area due to restrictions associated with the source of funds. Applicants must provide architectural renderings of the proposed renovations, except on projects that are smaller in scope, a detailed graphical representation will be acceptable.

Historic preservation projects are encouraged and may be eligible for federal tax credits administered by the National Park Service. Projects proposed within the Center Street National Historic District will need to adhere to principles outlined in both federal law, the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, and in the City of Logan’s Historic District Design Review Standards. Copies of these standards are available in the City’s Department of Community Development office and on the web here.

Approval Process

  1. Applications are to be returned to the Community Development Department. As appropriate, this façade program application must be accompanied by a project review application and/or a historic certificate of appropriateness application, as directed by the Community Development Department.

  2. Projects will be reviewed by a Façade Program Committee. If a project grant is recommended, the application will then be presented to the City’s Economic Development Committee for final approval.

*Projects may be eligible for grants of up to 50% of total project cost if approved by the City's Economic Development Committee and if certain criteria are met.

Application for Funding Assistance