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Historic Preservation Committee

Logan, Utah's Center Street District was ranked as one of the best "Old House Neighborhoods" for 2012! Here is the article.

Center Street Historic District

Center Street Historic District

The Logan Municipal Council adopted the boundaries for the Center Street Historic District in 1978. The district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The boundaries of the Historic District are shown on the map below. (Click map to enlarge.)

Historic Preservation Committee

Along with the designation of the district in 1978 the Municipal Council also established the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC). The duties of the committee are outlined in City Ordinance and include working to protect and preserve the District through project review and the issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness for all exterior modifications to any site or building within the District's Boundaries. For a project to be approved by the HPC, it must meet the principles outlined by federal law (Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation) and the City of Logan Historic District Design Review Standards. Copies of these standards are available in the Department of Community Development office.

Members of the Historic Preservation Commitee include Amy Hochberg, David Lewis, Keith Mott, Christian Wilson, Viola Goodwin, Thomas Graham, Gary Olsen.


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