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Business Licenses

If you are engaged in establishing any type of business, promoting a special event, or soliciting door-to-door within Logan City limits, Business Licensing staff will assist you in obtaining a license. Select the application for your business type as listed below. Helpful information can be found in the introductory brochure for each business type.

Refer to Landlord Business Licenses tab for specfic information pertaning to owners of one or more
rental dwellings within Logan City limits. There you can obtain important information, an application, and
related forms.


Commercial Business, Home Occupation, Independent Contractor:

Introduction to Business Licensing
Business License Application


Itinerant or Transient Merchants (Temporary Businesses):

Introduction to Temporary or Long Term Business Licensing
Temporary or Long Term Business License Application

Special Event:

Introduction to Special Events
Special Event Application


Introduction to Solicitor Registration
Solicitor Registration Application

To report suspected unlicensed businesses, contact the Business Licensing staff, and we will investigate.

Business Licensing is governed by Title 5 of the Municipal Code.


If you own one or more rental dwellings in Logan, you will be required a separate landlord business license for each ownership entity (i.e. LLC, sole proprietorship, corporation, trust). Each rental dwelling shall meet the zoning and building code requirements for installation, maintenance, and operation in effect at the time the rental dwelling was legally permitted.

The City's division of Business Licensing staff is here to assist you in answering questions regarding licensing rental properties.


Introduction to Landlord Business Licensing
Includes:   frequently asked questions, fees, application and review process, additional "good landlord"
information, more . . .

application – a separate application is required for each ownership entity
addendum – if the ownership entity has more than three properties, you will need this
amendment – to add or remove properties or change owner or agent contact information  

License exception: A business license shall not be required for a dwelling unit which is ordinarily owner
occupied but is temporarily rented because the owner is placed in a hospital, nursing home, assisted
living facility or other similar facility, or the owner has a bona fide, temporary absence of three (3) years or
less for activities such as temporary job assignments, sabbaticals, or voluntary service. Indefinite periods
of absence from the dwelling shall not qualify for this exception.

Business Licensing is governed by Title 5 of the Municipal Code.


Logan City rewards rental owners who participate in a "good landlord" course. The city currently provides
owners of rental dwellings (landlords) a business license fee reduction, from $50 annually to $10, when
they or their agent are good landlord certified.
Encouraging sensible rental practices safeguards the community from the unwanted effects of rental

Thomas Wood
The Good Landlord

for additional information, call: 801.554.0475


Utah Apartment Association (UAA)
contact the UAA directly for additional information, call: 888.244.0401 .

The City of Logan will accept good landlord certificates from courses taught throughout the state of Utah.
Qualified business entities teaching good landlord courses and issuing associated certificates require city
approval in order to afford the licensing discount.


Occupancy limits are regulated by the Logan Land Development Code, but in general are three unrelated
individuals or a family (related by blood, marriage, or adoption) per legal dwelling unit. The exclusion is
Campus Residential (CR) zone, which allows six unrelated individuals, two per bedroom.
Owners or agents shall provide to the lessee of any residential property that the owner or agent leases,
information regarding the zoning district in which the property is located and the applicable occupancy
limitations contained in the Logan land development code.

It shall be unlawful for any person to lease or sublease any rental dwelling without first providing to the
lessee or sub lessee notice of the occupancy limits in the zone in which the property is located pursuant
to the Logan land development code. The notice shall either be contained in the written lease or shall be
on a zoning occupancy disclosure form provided by the director and signed by the owner or agent and
each lessee. All current zoning occupancy disclosure forms and leases for the property shall be
maintained by the owner or agent.
Owners and agents shall provide a written lease containing tenant information or a zoning occupancy
disclosure form within seven (7) days of a request by a city code official or police officer investigating any
code violation.


At the commencement of any rental of a unit, the property owner shall provide to the tenant: a written
summary of Chapter 15.25 and the state law dealing with residential renter's deposits.
Tenant-Landlord Summary-Ordinance Along with an inventory of the condition of the premises and all appliances and furnishings and a copy of
the lease or rental agreement and rules and regulations, if written, In addition, to any current notice by
any utility provider to the property owner to terminate water, gas, electrical, or other utility service to the
dwelling unit; the proposed date of termination; and any current uncorrected deficiency list or notice from
any government entity.

Additional Useful Information

Ch. 5.17: Landlord Licensing Ordinance

Zoning, Use, Occupancy Map – a reference to see if your property meets zoning regulations

Tenant-Landlord Summary-Ordinance

Grandfathering application

Those rental dwellings that are not eligible for licensing based on grandfathered (non-conforming) status
will be required to apply for grandfathered status. Each rental dwelling shall meet the zoning and building
code requirements for installation, maintenance, and operation in effect at the time the rental dwelling
was legally permitted.

Logan Winter Parking permit application

Local, State, and Federal Fair Housing Resources (scroll to "Fair Housing Resources")

Utah Fit Premises Act (Utah Code, Title 57, Ch. 22)

Renter Guide

Monthly Reports

This page contains monthly reports showing which companies have been granted commercial, secondary, temporary, and special event business licenses.

Active Business Licensees

To obtain a complete list of active business licensees in the City of Logan, contact our office to order a paper report or receive an Excel spreadsheet.  A fee of $10.00 will be charged for a paper report. Please contact us in advance to order.