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Community Development Documents


  1. Monthly Building Permit Reports


  1. Current Building Codes & Design Review Requirements


  1. Why is a Permit Required?
  2. What Inspections are Required for Commercial Permits?
  3. When is a Residential Building Permit Required?
  4. Residential Building Inspections Questions
  5. How do I Schedule an Inspection
  6. Cold-Weather Concrete Placement
  7. Empirical Foundation Walls
  8. Energy Efficiency
  9. Power to Panel Requirements
  10. Residential Power Hookup
  11. Rock Retaining Walls
  12. Residential Stair Sections
  13. Residential Handrails
  14. Thermal Envelope
  15. Twin-Home Fire Walls
  16. Land Disturbance Permit Application
  17. Land Disturbance Permit Handout


  1. Basic Site Plan
  2. Bearing Wall
  3. Garage Wall Section
  4. Brick Wall Section - Slab on Grade Construction
  5. Stepped Foundation / Pony Wall Section with Brick
  6. Two Story Wall Section - Slab on Grade Construction
  7. Wall Section


  1. Commercial Permit - New Buildings and Additions
  2. Commercial Permit - Remodels, Alterations, Small Additions, Interior Demolitions
  3. Residential Permit Application
  4. Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical Permit
  5. Roofing-Siding-Window-Permit Application
  6. Residential Owner/Builder Certification and Agreement Form
  7. Demolition/Moving Permit Application
  8. Land Disturbance Permit Application


  1. Commercial Project Review Checklist (For New Buildings or Large Additions)
  2. Commercial Requirements for Certificate of Occupancy (Yellow Card)
  3. Commercial Re-Roof Requirements
  4. Residential Plan Checklist
  5. Residential Requirements for Certificate of Occupancy (Blue Card)
  6. Demolition - before you start - Utah Division of Air Quality
  7. Renovation or Demolition - What you need to know before you start - Utah DAQ
  8. Utah Lead-Based Paint - Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule - Utah DAQ
  9. Residential Basement Finish
  10. Shed or Detatched Garage Checklist
  11. Carport, Deck, Covered Patio Guide
  12. Windows - Emergency Escape & Rescue Openings
  13. Gas Piping Checklist
  14. Manufactured Home Set-Up on Real Property
  15. Manufactured Home Set-Up in Rental Park
  16. Special Inspection Administrative Guidelines
  17. Building Requirements for a Business License
  18. Land Disturbance Permit Handout