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Planning and Zoning

The Planning Division seeks to preserve the past while building an enhanced future by preparing plans which produce a quality, sustainable community. The staff works with builders and developers to produce quality projects for our citizens. We and our citizens work together to implement the General Plan which establishes priorities for allocation of City funds and other resources. The planning division also puts to work federal and state funds for the betterment of our City.

Planning and Zoning Department

What is the General Plan?

Sometimes referred to as a Master Plan, the General Plan of the City is a document that expresses the visions of its citizens for the management of growth and development today and far into the future. The General Plan has its roots in citizen input and public participation. It describes how the city wants to grow and even what the city should look like.

What is zoning?

Zoning is the authority given to the City of Logan by the State of Utah to regulate the use, placement, spacing, and size of land and buildings. In short, zoning is intended to protect the health, safety, and welfare of properties and owners from abuses by others.
Zoning Map

What is the Land Development Code?

The Land Development Code is the tool which most completely fulfills the goals and policies of the General Plan. The Land Development Code is enacted for the purpose of preserving and improving the public health, safety and general welfare of the citizens and businesses of the City of Logan. The provisions in the Land Development Code manage growth and development in a way that contributes positively to the quality of the community and incorporates performance standards to reduce adverse land use impacts.
Land Development Code


Some City Facts

  • Every 33 years Logan City will double in population.
  • The Department of Community Development maintains more than 20,000 files of property records.
  • The 2010 Census lists Logan City's population as over 52,000.

Here are the boards and committees dedicated to planning and zoning within the City of Logan. Expand the sections to find more information related to each group.

Historic Preservation Committee (HPC)

The Historic Preservation Committee meets frequently enough that it warrants its own page: HPC

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets frequently enough that it warrants its own page: Planning Commission

Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals decides appeals of Planning Commission decisions. The Land Development Code outlines the process and basis for decision-making for both Boards; see Chapter 17.53 of the Land Development Code for information about variances and Chapter 17.57 for appeals.  The Board of Appeals meets as necessary, so there is not a set schedule of meeting dates. Community Development Staff set the meeting as is necessary and are publicly noticed following state law. The Department of Community Development staffs both the Board of Adjustment and Board of Appeals.

Board of Adjustments

General Plan

Sometimes referred to as a Master Plan, the General Plan (pdf, 24.63mb) of the City is a document that expresses the visions of its citizens for the management of growth and development today and far into the future. The General Plan has its roots in much citizen input and public participation. It describes how the city wants to grow and even what the city should look like.

The current General Plan  is best viewed with high speed internet and by saving it to your computer first.  This is done by right clicking on this General Plan link and selecting Save Target As. If you do not have high speed internet, we recommend that you view a hard copy at the Logan Library.

We welcome your comments and ask that you email them to Debbie Zilles. You must include your name with your comments. Anonymous comments cannot be used. If you would like planning staff to provide follow-up information to your comments, please include your email address and a phone number. The Chairs of the Neighborhood Councils can also accept your comments. Their contact information can be obtained by calling (435) 716-9025.

Future of Downtown

city painting

The Vision for Downtown:

"The Future for Downtown Logan" is a long-range vision for the development of downtown Logan. More fully, it is a framework for development in the downtown. Public and private initiatives for the downtown will be built around this framework. Proposals to design and construct new facilities will be guided by the visions and objectives of the plan. Redevelopment plans will be structured to reflect these principles. The Future for Downtown Logan was created by a broad coalition of downtown interests. Special interest groups came together to discuss common issues and unique differences. Groups worked individually to identify and prioritize issues. Workshops were held to discuss and form conclusions and consensus. This vision plan is a direct result of the outcome of dedicated citizens who believe in the value and strength of a viable Downtown Logan.

For more than a century, Downtown Logan has been the center of commerce and culture for a region reaching even beyond Cache Valley. All roads lead to the downtown both figuratively and literally. It is the purpose of this planning effort to continue this tradition by determining "The Future of Downtown Logan."

Logan Downtown Alliance

The Logan Downtown Alliance (formerly known as the Logan Downtown Business Association) is committed to the immediate and long-term viability of Downtown Logan. The Downtown Alliance is composed of membership from business, professional, and widespread community interests. The Alliance believes that organization is the key to building and maintaining a successful downtown. The Alliance is developing a management program that is well structured, well funded and committed to the long-term vitality of Downtown Logan.

A study on Business Growth was completed for the Downtown by Wikstrom Economics & Planning Consultants, INC.. This work was completed at the direction of the Utah Main Street Program.

Specific Plan for Downtown Logan

Downtown Logan Specific Plan

The City of Logan is preparing a Specific Plan for Downtown Logan and is asking everyone in the community to participate in the process.  The Specific Plan will guide development, transportation enhancements, and recommend market and economic restructuring for the City of Logan and the Logan Downtown Alliance.

This Website will provide you with all the information on the Downtown Logan Specific Plan Update. Here, you will find the most current information available to help you get involved with the Specific Plan process. This includes a listing of meeting dates, project publications, and background materials.

Thank you for taking the time to view the website and please send an email to the Community Development Director, Mike Desimone, if you have any comments or questions.

Final Administrative Plan

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