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153 N 1400 W
Logan, UT 84321-3740
(435) 716-9755

Office Hours:
  Monday through Friday
  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Landfill Hours:
  Monday through Saturday
  8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Commercial Collections

Commercial Collections

We offer both garbage and recycling services for commercial businesses in Cache County.

To establish commercial recycling, please call Jeff Spatig at (435) 716-9794.

We can help you save money on your waste services! We have staff that will help you to evaluate your waste stream to determine what recycling services may benefit your business. If you are interested in recycling or expanding your recycling services, we have many options available that we can customize to meet your needs. Please call Jeff Spatig at (435) 716-9794.

Front Load Garbage Service Pricing (in dollars)

Bin Size Number of Collection Days Per Week Extra Empty
1 2 3 4 5 6
2 Yard 46.80 93.60 140.40 187.20 234.00 280.80 10.80
3 Yard 70.20 140.40 210.60 280.80 351.00 421.20 16.20
4 Yard 93.60 187.20 280.80 374.40 468.00 561.60 21.60
6 Yard 140.40 280.80 421.20 561.60 702.00 842.40 32.40
8 Yard 187.20 374.20 561.60 748.80 963.00 1123.20 43.20
--Locking Bar: $65 one-time fee
--Wheels: $45 one-time fee
Special Handling Fees may apply (overloaded containers, etc.)

Roll-off Services

Bin Capacity Cost Per Haul (tonnage cost is additional) Construction & Demolition Debris Per Ton Charge General Refuse Per Ton Charge Pallets Per Ton Charge
8-10 tons $123.75 $21.00 $29.00 --
$45.00 -- -- $9.00

90 Gallon Can Services

Business Location Cost
Businesses Located With Logan City Limits Businesses Located Outside of City Limits
$12.65 $13.25

Commercial Recycling Options

4 yard Cardboard Container FREE
4 yard Mixed Paper Container FREE
90 Gallon Blue Recycling Container (collected every other week) $3/month
4 yard Mixed Materials (collected every other week) $24/month
4 yard Mixed Materials (collected weekly) $48/month
6 yard Mixed Materials (collected every other week) $36/month
6 yard Mixed Materials (collected weekly) $72/month

Recycling Services Available Upon Approval
4 Ton Capacity Roll-off Cardboard Compactor FREE
1/2 Ton Capacity Roll-off Cardboard Open Top FREE
4 yard Ferrous Metal Container (upon approval) FREE

If you have a damaged dumpster, Logan City Environmental Department will repair your dumpster for no charge. Simply fill out this form to request container repair.

Please note, we will generally be able to service your container within a week. Rarely, our wait time can be as long as two weeks. Please call (435) 716-9755 if your dumpster is not repaired within two weeks of submitting this form.

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