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Logan, UT 84321-3740
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Office Hours:
  Monday through Friday
  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Landfill Hours:
  Monday through Saturday
  8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Dumpster Rentals

From cleaning out a house to large construction projects, we have dumpster rentals that will suit your needs. If you would like to rent a dumpster, select which dumpster size you would like to rent, fill out the application and sign the terms and conditions page and do one of the following:

  1. Bring it to our office at 153 N 1400 W
  2. Fax it to (435) 716-9751
  3. Email it to

Please note, we cannot process your application unless we have both pages of our dumpster rental application filled out completely. Additionally, when you fill out a rental agreement form, request a dumpster empty, or request the removal of a dumpster, ALL work will be performed ONE (1) business day following the request.

If you have questions about dumpster rentals, we are happy to help. Give us a call at (435) 716-9755 or review the content on the Frequently Asked Questions tab.

30 Yard Roll-Off Container

$123.75 per haul + $29 per ton (general refuse)
or $21 per ton (construction debris) and
$5.71 per day rental fee

Approximately 20' x 8' x 7'

Roll-off Application & Terms and Conditions

4 Yard Front Load Container

$1.43 daily rental fee plus
$21.60 each empty

Approximately 4' x 4' x 6'

Front Load Application & Terms and Conditions

If you are doing a project that involves roofing materials, concrete, or dirt, please note the following:


  • 30 yard roll-off: fill limit of 2 1/2 feet deep


  • 4 yard front load: fill limit of 1/2 full for asphalt shingles, 3/4 for wood shingles
  • 30 yard roll-off: fill limit of 5 feet deep

Do I need to fill out a new rental agreement form each time I rent a dumpster?

Yes, you must fill out a new rental agreement form each time you rent a dumpster. Rental agreement forms are available online, in our office, or can be faxed to you.

Do I need to fill out the credit application portion of the agreement?

If this is your first time doing business with us, you must also fill out the credit application located on the bottom portion of the rental agreement form.

Can I get a container before I fill out the application?

No, a container will not be delivered to you until the day after all paper work is appropriately filled out and finalized.

How quickly can I get a dumpster?

Generally we can deliver a dumpster the business day following the application process. We occasionally have waiting lists for dumpster rentals. Please call if you have specific questions about availability.

How do I get the dumpster emptied and how long does it take?

When you are ready to have your dumpster emptied, you need to call to schedule service. All business regarding rental dumpsters is performed on a next day basis.

Which dumpster should I get?

It can be difficult to know which size of dumpster your project may require. If you have a project that has large or heavy loads or if you plan to do a big project in a short period of time (like a roof) you may want to consider a roll-off container. Front load dumpsters are excellent for house cleaning, yard cleaning, and smaller construction projects. To give you an idea of the size difference, it takes approximately 8-10 frontload bins to equal the capacity of a roll-off container.

Can they put the dumpster anywhere on my property?

All dumpsters must be placed where there are no overhead obstructions such as wires and tree limbs. Trucks MUST have a straight approach to access and empty the bin. To prevent damage to your property and our equipment, cars and other obstructions (such as sheds, mailboxes, tree limbs, etc) should not be placed or located within 4 feet of the dumpster.

What is meant by an “overloaded or overfull” dumpster?

DUMPSTERS ARE FULL WHEN GARBAGE IS LEVEL WITH THE TOP OF THE CONTAINER. We cannot legally haul overfull roll-off containers. If front-load dumpsters are overloaded, this causes spillage and/or damage to our equipment (garbage tends to slide off and hit the windshield of our trucks). If you overfill your rental dumpster, it will be YOUR responsibility to level off the dumpster before we haul/empty it and/or clean up what has spilled.

Can I move the dumpster once you have put it on my property?

No. Customers are prohibited from moving containers from place to place. We will move the container free of charge as long as it is in the same general area. If the container needs to be moved to a different address, the customer MUST fill out a new rental agreement form.

What items are not allowed in the dumpsters?

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE DUMPSTERS: Televisions, liquid paint, used motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, cleaning products, refrigerators or other appliances containing a refrigerant (Freon), car tires, automobile batteries, or any other household hazardous waste.

Are there weight limits on dumpsters?

Yes. Our trucks can haul a maximum of 10 tons. Keep in mind that construction debris should be spread evenly over the bottom of the container, especially in roll-off containers. If you fill your container too full and we cannot haul it, it will be the customer's responsibility to remove refuse until the container can be hauled. Be sure to pay attention to the fill limits for items such as roofing materials, concrete, and dirt.