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Why Logan?

Nestled at the foot of the nearly 10,000-foot high Bear River Range, Logan's setting is beautiful in any season. Residents consider Logan Canyon a 40-mile community park leading to 18-mile long Bear Lake, called the Rocky Mountain Caribbean for its azure blue waters. Outstanding fishing, biking, hiking, skiing, and golfing-all are minutes away from your front door. Even with the natural beauty, Logan has an excellent park system, boasting one of Utah's two zoos and a challenging municipal golf course. For year round beauty and things to do, Cache Valley is hard to beat.

Another thing our location gives us is an ample supply of water, an unusual situation here in the arid West. Some people call this area Utah's Greenland.

Having a 20,000+ student, top-notch research university also sets us apart. Utah State University was founded in 1888 by Logan residents who wanted a university in their midst. That decision forever changed Logan from a beautiful, but very typical western town to the vibrant, exciting, rare place it is today. USU brings us such things as a higher emphasis on education, splendid cultural, entertainment, and spectator sport opportunities, a vigorous economic base, businesses based on university spin-offs that employ nearly 10,000 and an unusually diverse culture. The valley is also blessed with a strong agricultural base - Cache County is Utah's leading agricultural producer. To that we have added a diverse collection of industries. Food processing, electronics, light manufacturing, publishing, and many other industries provide a robust, but stable economy. With a heritage dating back over 150 years, our cultural offerings are excellent.

We have our own opera company, our own repertory theatre, several dance companies, renowned artists, and outstanding facilities to show them off.

Logan's physical aspects and its quality of life are phenomenal, but what truly defines Logan is its people. Ultimately, it is people who make a community. Hardy pioneer stock, immigrants from the four corners of the globe, students who loved the city so much they couldn't leave, and many others have blended to make wonderful neighborhoods and a great small city. What attracts and keeps most people here is "home". No matter where residents hail from, Logan soon feels like home: comfortable, but challenging; quiet, but stimulating. Whether you make Logan your home for a week, a year, or a lifetime, you're always welcome back.

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