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Logan, UT 84321
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Kymber Housley
City Attorney
(435) 716-9080

Lee Edwards
Assistant City Attorney
(435) 716-9080

Sylvia Tibbitts
Legal Assistant
(435) 716-9080

Kymber Housley Kymber graduated, cum laude, from Weber State University, with his B.A. degree in Political Science and received his Juris Doctorate degree, from Brigham Young University. Kymber is a licensed member of the Utah and California Bar Associations. Prior to coming to Logan, he served as a Deputy District Attorney in Contra Costa County, California. Kymber is the chief legal officer of the City and is responsible to the Mayor and the Municipal Council for the proper administration of the legal affairs of the executive and legislative branches of city government. Accordingly, Kymber handles the legal affairs for the various departments, boards and commissions within the city and is responsible for the supervision and management of the Legal Department. Kymber has been with Logan since 1995.

Lee Edwards Lee received his B.A. degree from Weber State University in 1993 with a double major in Spanish and Political Science and his J. D. degree, cum laude, in 1996 from Brigham Young University. Lee is a licensed member of the Utah and Idaho Bar Associations. Prior to coming to Logan, Lee completed a judicial clerkship in the Fifth Judicial District Court in the State of Idaho with the Honorable George Granata Jr. After his clerkship, Lee served as a deputy Washington County Attorney. Lee was appointed as the Logan City Prosecutor in 1998 and Assistant City Attorney in 2011.

Silvia Tibbitts Sylvia's job responsibilities include providing various levels of support and assistance to the City Attorney and Deputy City Attorney as well as the Prosecuting entity of the Legal Department. Some of her major job responsibilities focus on risk management, insurance, economic development, legal research, departmental coordination, and departmental records management. Sylvia received her Legal Assistant certification through the Utah Prosecutorial Assistants Association. She has been working with attorneys since 1976. She brings to the City Attorneys Office experience in private law office work, court clerk experience and has been with the Logan City Attorney's Office since 1987.