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62 West 300 North
Logan, UT 84321
(435) 716-9300
Fax: (435) 716-9306

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (435) 753-7555

Frequently Asked Questions

How many police cars might respond to a particular address?

Multiple officers may be sent to an incident or a traffic stop for citizen and officer safety, to collect witness statements and evidence, for crime scene protection and for first aid. At the scene of the crime, there are many tasks that need to be performed in a short period of time. Officers fulfill these tasks as they work together.

Do officers take their police cars home?

Officers may take their police cars home. This allows officers to quickly respond to a call-out or major incidents with needed equipment, respond to calls for help or assist at car crashes while traveling to and from work or court. Officers must live within 12 miles of the city limits.

What are the benefits of leaving a police car running with no one inside?

Officers do not get a set break and are subject to call out at all times, so they may take their breaks together to share information and update each other on incidents they are working on. These officers may be called to respond in any direction, so they often take breaks in centrally located places. Officers’ days are unpredictable and when time allows they will stop for a quick meal or snack and be ready for the next radio call.

Why should I license my bike?

Licensing a bike is free. We recover hundreds of bicycles every year. Often we don’t know who to return a bike to because it is not licensed. If your bike is stolen, be sure to report it to us. We can’t return your stolen bike if it hasn’t been reported missing.

When will a detective be assigned to investigate a case?

Detectives investigate felony cases, sex-related cases, crimes involving children, crimes of violence, property crimes, fraud, computer crimes and other cases where evidence and statements will be collected. While our detectives are very good at what they do, television media has given a false impression police can solve any case in 30 minutes. That is rarely the case.

What happens to the physical evidence collected at a crime scene?

Some evidence items will be processed by our detectives in the crime lab at the Logan City Police Department. For more in-depth analysis, items will be sent to the Utah State Crime Lab. When the case is completed, most evidence is destroyed by incineration at a state facility. Valuables are returned to the owner, if known.

If something is stolen from me and the police recover it, how long until I can get it back?

Evidence is maintained for court purposes; you may not get an item back until a case is adjudicated and the offender is sentenced. When possible, photos of the item will be substituted in court proceedings so the item can be returned sooner.

Why do we need to license our pets?

Pet licensing tells others that your pet is not a wild stray. If your pet is found we will attempt to contact you and bring your pet home. To license your pet, you must bring in a current rabies certificate and pay a licensing fee. The fee is less if the pet is spayed or neutered.

When is it appropriate to call 911?

Call 911 for emergencies, defined as anything posing an immediate threat to life or property. This includes a crime in progress, an incident that just occurred, or the possibility that a suspect may still be in the area. For non-emergencies, please call (435) 753-7555.

Why am I asked for my personal information when I call 911?

Your information is attached to an incident, which allows for prevention of mistaken identity. We also may need to contact you again. We do not release your personal information outside the rules of the GRAMA act.

What will be the response time when I call for an officer?

Logan City is growing and so is the demand for police services. Potential criminal events that are life threatening or in progress are responded to immediately. Less serious calls may have a delay until police arrive. Multiple calls must be prioritized based on circumstances.

Where do I go to pay a fine?

Fines can be paid through the Utah Courts Internet Payment System online at or at the Logan Municipal Justice Court. Parking citations can be paid online at or at the Logan City Police Department.

Where can I go to get fingerprinted?

Fingerprinting is performed at the Cache County Sheriff’s Office and the USU Police Department. Contact them for days, times and fees. You must provide two forms of identification.

How can I get a copy of a police report?

Records can be requested online on our Request a Record page or at the Logan City Police Department. A $5.00 fee is charged for the first 25 pages of incident reports and $.20 per page in excess of 25 pages. Allow 10 working days to process the request.